South Lake Union crime


A graffiti spree, houseboat leak and officer-involved shooting are a few incidents that make up this month’s Lake Union crime recap.

July 30: Security guards patrolling Gas Works Park early in the morning reported a man who had attacked them. The security guard was reportedly attacked after asking the suspect to extinguish a small fire he had started. The guard called for backup and officers responded to the scene, attempting to tase the suspect, which didn’t work. The suspect was armed with a glass bottle and advanced on the officers, who opened fire and called medics. The Seattle Fire Department transported the suspect to Harborview Medical Center where he later died from life-threatening injuries.

July 29: The Seattle Police Department’s graffiti detective is investigating a large amount of vandalism in Gas Works Park. Officers responded to the park after reports of a large party going on. The group left behind massive amounts of graffiti on walls, picnic benches, and machinery totaling up to $8,000 in damage. Parks officials are classifying this as one of the largest cases of vandalism in a Seattle park.

July 11: Firefighters responded to a report of a crack in a houseboat at 2500 Westlake Avenue North. Responders pumped water out of a houseboat to control the leak.

July 10: A two-story houseboat on North Lake Union went ablaze due to welding activity. The damage from the fire is estimated at $5,000. One person with minor injuries was treated at the scene. The case is under investigation.