Live Around Lake Union

Lake Union is home – not only to Seattle startups-turned-powerhouses like Amazon and Vulcan – but to many individual residents and families as well. From the condos and apartments in South Lake Union, to the houseboats along the lakefront, to the homes bordering Eastlake Avenue and Westlake Avenue and their side streets, living around Lake Union is a comfortable and up-and-coming experience.

living around Lake Union

Photo credit: VDB Estates

The neighborhood has quick and easy access to I-5, Downtown Seattle, and many other notable Seattle neighborhoods, since it’s nestled right in the middle of the ‘Seven Hills’. It has a unique history, tied closely with the Pacific Northwest’s logging industry in addition to many economic leaps and bounds. With many large Seattle-based companies migrating to the Lake Union area, the neighborhood is a hotspot for job opportunities – from medical to technical and beyond.

Being so close to the bustle of Downtown, and with so many professional activities going on, Lake Union and South Lake Union in particular are a hub for some of Seattle’s best restaurants and bars. The Chamber of Commerce in this neighborhood is one of Seattle’s most active, and the atmosphere of the neighborhood follows suit with a myriad of activities and events year-round.

Living around Lake Union is truly the epicenter of urban living, right in the heart of Seattle.

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