November SLU Community Council Meeting Tuesday, 11/4

Join the South Lake Union Community Council at MOHAI this Tuesday, November 4, for it’s monthly meeting covering neighborhood issues and events. This month’s meeting will feature presentations by the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, and by the Department of Planning and Development regarding incentive zoning, plus updates on the Construction Hub Coordination Program, and discussion of upcoming meeting speakers Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw and Seattle Police Chief Kathleen O’Toole. Click here to see a full meeting agenda. The meeting runs from 4:00-6:00 p.m.

September-October Monthly Lake Union Crime Recap

A movie-like chase, wine thief, and water scavenger make up this month’s Lake Union crime recap.

October 13: A rather movie-like chase took place between police and a suspected auto thief around the Lake Union area. Officers responded to suspicious activity at a parking lot, where they found a man lying underneath a pickup truck next to a large gas can. The suspect fled when he saw police approaching, ran to a loading dock, then to another parking lot near Fairview Avenue and Aloha Street. Officers continued their pursuit as the man jumped into the lake. Police talked the man into accepting rescue, and pulled him to shore with a flotation device. He was transported to Harborview Medical Center before being booked into King County Jail for investigation of auto theft.

October 13: Police responded to an apartment in South Lake Union where residents reported a suspect had stolen several bottles of wine from them. When the theft victims went to the man’s apartment to get the wine back, the suspect reportedly pointed a shotgun at one of them. Officers arrested the suspect and booked him into King County Jail for investigation of harassment.

October 7: Police officers arrested a man who was found scavenging inside the building that used to be the Seattle Times headquarters. Owners of a nearby restaurant notified police of their water being cut off, which police found to be due to a suspect stealing copper pipes underneath the space. The suspect was carrying a variety of tools. He was booked into King County Jail for investigation of burglary.

August-September Monthly Lake Union Crime Recap

Smashed windows, a gunfight, and tragic collision make up this month’s Lake Union crime recap.

September 20: A man involved in a gunfight in the Denny Triangle area was killed and the other suspect at large. Police officers heard gunshots being fired late at night, and found a man who had been shot multiple times. Medics arrived on the scene but could not revive him. A second victim, who was attacked nearby, was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Investigators are working to find out if the two incidents are related.

September 12: Police are searching for two men who smashed dozens of car windows in South Lake Union. A resident notified police that two men with baseball bats were vandalizing parked vehicles in a parking lot. Officers arrived and were unable to find the suspects, who had fled the scene. At least 34 cars were damaged and items thought to be stolen.

September 11: A man reportedly jumped off the I-5 overpass and landed on a driver’s windshield. Southbound traffic backed up for miles as medics responded to the scene. The driver of the vehicle hit was transported to Harborview Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries to his neck and back, and the jumper was taken in critical condition.

August 29: A cyclist was killed in a collision while riding her bike downtown. She was hit by a large truck and died at the scene. The tragedy came weeks before Seattle City Council implemented safety changes for bicyclists along Second Avenue.

July-August Monthly Lake Union Crime Recap

A graffiti spree, houseboat leak and officer-involved shooting are a few incidents that make up this month’s Lake Union crime recap.

July 30: Security guards patrolling Gas Works Park early in the morning reported a man who had attacked them. The security guard was reportedly attacked after asking the suspect to extinguish a small fire he had started. The guard called for backup and officers responded to the scene, attempting to tase the suspect, which didn’t work. The suspect was armed with a glass bottle and advanced on the officers, who opened fire and called medics. The Seattle Fire Department transported the suspect to Harborview Medical Center where he later died from life-threatening injuries.

July 29: The Seattle Police Department’s graffiti detective is investigating a large amount of vandalism in Gas Works Park. Officers responded to the park after reports of a large party going on. The group left behind massive amounts of graffiti on walls, picnic benches, and machinery totaling up to $8,000 in damage. Parks officials are classifying this as one of the largest cases of vandalism in a Seattle park.

July 11: Firefighters responded to a report of a crack in a houseboat at 2500 Westlake Avenue North. Responders pumped water out of a houseboat to control the leak.

July 10: A two-story houseboat on North Lake Union went ablaze due to welding activity. The damage from the fire is estimated at $5,000. One person with minor injuries was treated at the scene. The case is under investigation.

June-July Monthly Lake Union Crime Recap

A speeding spree, bar fight gone wrong, and a flying peeping Tom make up this month’s Lake Union crime recap.

July 21st – A man was arrested by Seattle police officers after he swung a stick and stole beer inside the 7 Eleven convenience store on Denny and Broad Street, heading for the Chihuly Glass Gardens.

July 18th– A drunk driver sped through downtown in a stolen Mustang, colliding with a valet and then a bus. No drivers were injured but the suspect’s vehicle was severely damaged. The spree ended when the car halted right in front of the Seattle Police headquarters.

July 12th – A man was shot twice outside a bar in the Westlake neighborhood. Police officers responded to a bar fight and were alerted of shots fired on their way to the scene. Witnesses described seeing a car leaving the area that was involved in the fight. One victim arrived at Harborview Medical Center with gunshot wounds to the leg and backside. This shooting is being investigated by detectives.

June 22nd – Police responded to a woman’s call after she had spotted an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or drone, hovering outside her apartment window. The resident was concerned the flying object was spying on her, so she alerted the building’s concierge who contacted police. The concierge went outside and saw two men piloting the drone as well as carrying a tripod and video camera, who drove away once spotted. Police are looking for any surveillance footage in the area that may have captured the incident.

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