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Lake Union Seattle is a natural lake near the downtown area. It is surrounded by communities that are largely separated by geographical boundaries; with the University District, Wallingford, and Fremont to the north, Eastlake and Capitol Hill to the east, Queen Anne to the west, and South Lake Union at the south of the lake.

The boundaries of Lake Union Seattle are Denny Way on the south, I-5 on the east, Aurora Avenue on the west and E. Newton place to the north, beyond which are Westlake and Eastlake Avenues.

South Lake Union in particular has come to be the focal point of the neighborhood, with rapidly expanding industry and commercial growth. Jones Soda Company used to have headquarters in South Lake Union, which is now mostly filled with buildings that house Amazon.com, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and numerous startup businesses.

In addition, the South Lake Union neighborhood has in recent years become a hub for life science organizations including the cancer research center, Fred Hutchinson, and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

Lake Union real estate has often by characterized by its floating homes or houseboats, which line many areas of waterfront along Eastlake and Westlake Avenues. Lake Union is also home to Seattle’s oldest park, Denny Park, an area that was converted to a park in 1883. Another iconic Lake Union park is Gasworks Park, which was opened as a park of just over 19 acres in 1962, and had previously been the site of the former Seattle Gas Light Company gasification plant.

Landmarks and historic sights of the neighborhood include numerous famous boats docked at the Northwest Seaport of the South Lake Union Park and the Center for Wooden Boats. Other landmarks in Lake Union are the Seattle First National Bank building, the Seattle Times building, the Troy Laundry building, the Van Vorst building, and the William Volker building (now part of the Cornish College of the Arts).

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