A speeding spree, bar fight gone wrong, and a flying peeping Tom make up this month’s Lake Union crime recap.

July 21st – A man was arrested by Seattle police officers after he swung a stick and stole beer inside the 7 Eleven convenience store on Denny and Broad Street, heading for the Chihuly Glass Gardens.

July 18th– A drunk driver sped through downtown in a stolen Mustang, colliding with a valet and then a bus. No drivers were injured but the suspect’s vehicle was severely damaged. The spree ended when the car halted right in front of the Seattle Police headquarters.

July 12th – A man was shot twice outside a bar in the Westlake neighborhood. Police officers responded to a bar fight and were alerted of shots fired on their way to the scene. Witnesses described seeing a car leaving the area that was involved in the fight. One victim arrived at Harborview Medical Center with gunshot wounds to the leg and backside. This shooting is being investigated by detectives.

June 22nd – Police responded to a woman’s call after she had spotted an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, or drone, hovering outside her apartment window. The resident was concerned the flying object was spying on her, so she alerted the building’s concierge who contacted police. The concierge went outside and saw two men piloting the drone as well as carrying a tripod and video camera, who drove away once spotted. Police are looking for any surveillance footage in the area that may have captured the incident.

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